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Company Overview

Bojun Agriculture Holdings Limited (the “Company”) is a company registered in New South Wales, Australia.

The Company's operating entity is Jiangxi Bojun Ecological Agriculture Development Co. Ltd (referred to as "Jiang Xi Bojun"), established in China. From the chart below, the Company has controls over the business and economic rights of Jiangxi Bojun.

Jiangxi Bojun was incorporated in April 2006, the registered capital is RMB 25 million yuan. The main products are fruit vinegar and fruit cakes. Jiangxi Bojun is a comprehensive and technical agricultural company which integrates production, scientific research, promotion, deep processing of agricultural products and is also a planting and deep processing enterprise of Nanfeng mandarins. Nanfeng mandarins cultivation provides high quality raw materials for R & D for fruit vinegar and fruit cakes, as well as support the required experimental data. The Company fully passed the certification of ISO22000-2005 Authentication Certificate of food safety management system and was granted National High-tech Enterprise, Model Enterprise of Food Processing and Provincial Leading Enterprise of Fruit Industry in Jiangxi Province.

Jiangxi Bojun is the first and only company which has the capability and technology to produce mandarin fruit vinegar and possesses the patents for production of mandarin fruit vinegar. Meanwhile the Company also possesses the patents for production of Nanfeng mandarin orange fruitcake, and provides trademark franchising service for other enterprises.

Look into the future, the Company will further enhance its R&D strength to promote the Company's main product diversification, further enhancing its market expansion and increase market share and extend industrial chain to promote sustained and healthy development of enterprise operation.