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Leadership Care

Xiaosheng YU, the Chairman of Tian Qi Group Visited the Company

On June 4,2018, Xiaosheng YU, the Chairman of Tian Qi Group visited the Bojun Agriculture, and expressed a keen interest to the seven series of products, such as nanfeng mandarin enzymes, fruit vinegar and fruit beverage produced by Bojun Agriculture, and reached the intention of cooperation.

Australian Expert Visited Bojun Agriculture

On May 9, 2018, Australian expert, Mr. Mike, visited Bojun Agriculture. Accompanied by the Chairman and the General Manager, Mr. Mike visited the exhibition hall, laboratory and manufacturing shop, and took part in an informal discussion at the meeting room.

During discussion, Mr. Mike inquired about the Company's products in detail, and learned about the raw materials, processing links, marketing chains and other aspects, especially inquired the quality and safety control of the Company's products, food safety protection and other aspects in detail.

Through site inspection and evaluation, Mr. Mike expressed confidence in the quality of Bojun Agriculture’s products and spoke highly of the Company’s future development planning.

Experts in Netherlands and Fuzhou City Ministry of Agriculture and Industry visit Bojun Agriculture for inspection

On April 4, 2018, Dr. Wangzhao ZHU, Director of the European-China Science and Technology Development Center of the Netherlands, Director and Doctoral supervisor of the API Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of Delft University of Technology, Fuzhou Municipal Committee of Agriculture and Industry Minister XU and Nancheng County CPC Committee Member Wenbin YAO visited Bojun Agriculture for inspection

Yi XIAO, the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Fuzhou, Visited and Inspected Together

On February 4, 2018, at the beginning of spring, the secretary of Municipal Party Committee led the four leading groups of Fuzhou to visit and inspect the modern agricultural construction in Nancheng County and focused on the visit and inspection of the famous enterprise in Nancheng County——Bojun Agriculture. He affirmed and praised the products and the development of Bojun Agriculture.

Bojun Agriculture Welcomed the Visit of the US Delegation

After Bojun Agriculture listed on the Australian Main Board on December 1, 2017, it welcomed the two-day visit of the US delegation on December 16. Douglas Aguililla and the delegation visited the production and processing workshop of the Bojun Agriculture, inquired about the Company's development and future development planning. They are optimistic to the Company's development philosophy and development prospects.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and evaluation experts visited Bojun Agriculture to identify new products

On December 16, 2017, Jiangxi province new product appraisal expert group and the leadership of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited Bojun Agriculture. Under the leadership of Director Shouchang DAI and Professor Guimao WEI, the expert group conducted provincial-level new product appraisals on the Nanfeng Mandarin Double Enzyme and Filled Chocolates Fruit Snacks initiated by Bojun Agriculture.

At the appraisal meeting, the experts listened carefully to the research and development of Bojun's new agricultural products, and raised many questions on food safety guarantee and product quality assurance. Through Chairman Zhu’s detailed introduction, the experts expressed their approval of the two new products and affirmed the new equipment and new technologies formed during the development of new products.

Deputy Director of Jiangxi Science and Technology Department, Shaoyuan XIONG Visited Bojun Agriculture

On December 7, the group of Deputy Director of Jiangxi Science and Technology Department, Shaoyuan XIONG, Department Head of Rural Division of Jiangxi Science and Technology Department, Chunyang CAO, Director General of Fuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Shenghe GU, Director of Nancheng County United Front Work Department, Yanping ZHANG, Director General of Nancheng County Science and Technology Bureau, Yaping HUANG visited Bojun for inpection. The group of Director Xiong inquired about the company's current situation and development plan in detail and praised the company's development and efforts. The listing of Bojun Agriculture on the main board of Australia was highly praised.

Famous Australian Doctor of Agriculture Visited Bojun

On November 5, 2017, Dr. Shawn, a well-known Australian agricultural expert and head of the Horticulture R&D Center of the Ministry of Primary Industry of New South Wales, paid academic visit to the national high-tech enterprise Jiangxi Bojun Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

Dr. Shawn went deep into Bojun and conducted a detailed understanding of Bojun's corporate culture, production R&D, and products including fruit vinegar and fruit snack. He praised the Company's flagship product, Nanfeng Mandarin Fruit Vinegar and considered this product tastes sweet and sour which is fermented with puree and very suitable for modern beverage’s demand for ecology and no added.

Dr. Shawn also expressed his willingness to conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation with Bojun Company on the cultivation and further study of human resources, and to reserve human resources for the global strategy of Bojun Company.