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Current Business

The Company is a comprehensive company which integrates purchase, R&D, production and sales. The main products currently are fruit vinegar and fruitcakes.

Purchase: The company's main fruit raw materials procurement places are Nanfeng and Nancheng in Fuzhou, and it will increase the purchase amount in the fruit harvest season. Other raw materials are mainly based on quarterly purchases.

The Company entered into an purchase agreement with the fruit suppliers, by which the suppliers shall provide fresh and good-quality fruits and price ranges (agreed to be slightly higher than the market price), make a settlement according to actual purchase quantity and purchase price.

Bojun staff checking mandarins appearance and selecting high-quality mandarin carefully
The Quality Inspector testing mandarin residual pesticides
The qualified mandarin will be put into warehouse storage, and then into juicing and storage process

R&D: The Company was authorized 40 patents by Nanfeng Mandarin fruit vinegar brewing and processing method of Nanfeng Mandarin fruitcake, including the R&D of fruit varieties (scientific research project, variety selective breeding, new variety identification of plants, etc). And he improvement of production technique and equipment (patent for utility models) and deep processing of fruit products (patent for invention). At the same time, the Company actively cooperates with universities and scientific research institutes for R&D, and has strong R & D strength.

Production: The Company has fruit vinegar workshop and fruit cake workshop. The Company strictly controls the quality of the products, emphasizing on safe and healthy production of food products. .

The mandarin fruit vinegar fermenter
The mandarin fruit vinegar fermenter

Sales:The Company conducts regional agents distribution, and has entered into agency agreement with high-quality regional agents, by which the agents are responsible for market development, promotion, after-sales service, the external environment coordination and other related business operations and business within the region.

Via agents' outstanding channel resources, the Company develops the sales with high-efficiency.