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Competitive Advantage

1.R&D Advantage

The Company makes technology R&D as its core competitiveness. The Company was identified as new high- tech enterprise in 2014. The Company inputs 3%~5% of the annual sales revenue into R&D and the Company will carry out various forms of research and cooperation with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanchang University, Jiangxi Agricultural University, which will further improve the research ability of Company.

Since 2006, the Company has accumulated rich and valuable experience in R&D and formed a large number of technical accumulations through continuous technology research and development, which guarantees the speed of renewal and replacement of Company’s products and the sustainable competitiveness of production technology.

Currently, the Company’s strength in technology research and development is in a leading position. With the continuous increase of Company’s R&D inputs, the advantage of technology R&D will also continue to be enhanced.

2. Tax Advantage

The Company is a national new high-tech enterprise with income tax preference of 15%.

3. Policy Advantage

As a technology R&D Company, it enjoys several special subsidies provided by national and local governments, meanwhile as an agricultural deep processing Company, it enjoys a number of tax preference policy.

4. Geographical Advantage

Nancheng County in Jiangxi Province belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate and the Company is located in the origin place of the fruit, thus it has the advantages of low purchase price, convenient transportation, low transportation costs and less losses.