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Industry Analysis

Fruit Vinegar Industry

I. Current Situation of the Industry

The number of fruit vinegar beverage manufacturing enterprises is gradually increasing along with the rapid development of the fruit vinegar industry. However, enterprises specialized in producing fruit vinegar are rare, therefore fruit vinegar industry have enormous potential for development.

Fruit vinegar beverages of China are mainly concentrate in four regions: Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shenyang and Henan. Currently, Guangdong market is the core market which occupies nearly 70% of the national market. (data source: China industry information network). The types of China's fruit vinegar beverages are as follow: apple vinegar, grape vinegar, banana vinegar, lemon vinegar, orange vinegar, sour plum vinegar,etc. Fruit vinegar have a variety of functions, such as: eliminating toxin, beautifying skin, enhancing physical strength and prolonging life, etc.

From the perspective of the industry chain, fruit vinegar industry includes fruit planting in the upstream, processing and circulation in the midstream, and the downstream consumptions. Fruit vinegar can be used as a condiment, through deep processing it can also be made into fruit vinegar beverages with variety of tastes, or health food and beauty supplement products.

II. Industry Prospect

1.The structure of beverage industry is being further optimized, and the market share of fruit vinegar beverage is enhanced.

In the interior of the beverage industry, the demand for carbonated beverage is reduced, while the demand for milk-contained beverage and vegetable protein beverage is rising. Therefore, fruit vinegar beverage with nutritional value will take a place during the future optimizing process of the structure in the beverage industry.

2.The development of upstream fruit industry is stable, so the producing costs of fruit vinegar industry is lower.

In recent years, China’s orchard coverage and fruit production are growing steadily, resulting in a large number of defective fruits or fallen fruits that cannot be used for manufacture and sales, which provides more low-cost raw materials for the vinegar manufacturing.

3.The fruit vinegar beverage has gradually developed from the regional market to the national market, and from the urban market to the rural market.

With the strengthening on brand building and business expansion of the enterprise, the fruit vinegar beverage will step from the regional market to the national market for certain. In recent years, the rural market has shown a better growth momentum.

4.The product types of fruit vinegar beverage are more abundant, which will promote sustainable development of the industry.

The enriching and improving of the product varieties, not only can continue to meet the diverse needs of consumers, but also promote sustainable and healthy development of the fruit vinegar beverage industry.

Fruitcake Industry

I. Industry Background

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more attention to healthy diet, and the demand for healthy functional food is increasingly been distinct.

The improvement of consumption concept has brought good development opportunities to the fruitcake industry. Fruit cakes are popular with consumers due to the functional characteristics of fruit cakes like rich in nutrition and immunity-improvement. The fruitcakes entered the market as nutritional foods and have become a new favorite in the food market due to its many advantages.

II. The Future of the Industry

1. Fruitcake Industry is in a Relatively Fair Market Environment

Currently, the fruitcake industry consist of small and medium-sized enterprises through out the country with a low market occupancy, and oligopoly or monopolistic competition has not formed. The comparatively fair market competition environment has given bigger development space for fruitcake manufacturing enterprises.

2.The Demand for Diversified Products of Fruitcake Is Increasing

The demands of consumers are diversified, and such diversity is not only reflected in flavor, packaging, prices, but also in health, fashion andenvironmental protection. The diversity of consumers’ tastes, and their curiosity for new products and the psychology of pursuing fashion provided a greater market space for fruit cake products. How to grasp the psychological needs of consumers and meet their diversified tastes has become crucial for the development of fruit cake industry.

3.The Development of E-Commerce Provides a New Channel for the Distribution of Fruitcakes

Utilizing the internet, companies can control the market better, conduct channel construction and channel management, distribute products. The role of e-commerce is becoming more and more important in product distribution.