current position: Our Business/Future Planning

Future Planning

I.Short-term Planning

(I) Construction of underground cold storage equipment;

(II) Upgrading, transforming and expanding existing production plants and production lines;

(III) Establish new production lines for new products;

(IV) Research and development projects for planting and breeding fruit trees with universities and other research institutions;

(V) Develop drinks (such as wine and enzymes) research and development projects;

(VI) Develop fruitcake products (such as color fruitcake products and chocolate fruitcake products) R & D projects;

(VII) Research and development projects with Australian institute.

(VIII)The Company plans to research and process the fruit peel and fruit residue which is produced during the process of processing fruit vinegar and fruit confection products.

II. Medium-term Planning

(I) Self-built and acquire high-quality fruit cultivation base for high-quality fruit sales and processing;

(II) Process the fruit deeply by the Company’s R & D technology;

(III) Research and development of agricultural products, to cultivate or introduce new varieties from Australia (for domestic fruit cultivation).

III. Long - Term Development Planning

(I) Convert production waste into livestock feed through research and development and processing;

(II) Establish cold chain logistics system to ensure food quality and reduce losses;

(III) Establish ecological farm and develop ecotourism;

(IV) Acquire Australian fruit base and enhance the diversity of domestic raw material to promote resource integration.